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Creating supply chain engagement

How do you know that your company provides enough engagement? Do you really know what keeps your associates awake at night? What do they really want to know and learn?

Supply Chain Media believes that you are what you read. And we know how to engage readers and make them hungry for more knowledge. Now Machine Learning can help to personalize the offer of great content. And we have applied this experience in SCM WisDome, our knowledge bank with Machine Learning.

SCM WisDome is an online application ( where all content of Supply Chain Movement is published. The application addresses multiple challenges in the field of engagement, such as:
  • Onboarding of new colleagues; How do you get new employees up to speed, as soon as possible? Recommend specific must-read articles, or best practices that helps.
  • Developing Talents; Company talents are hungry for knowledge. How do you feed them with the right content, on the right moment, in the right way?
  • Knowledge sharing; Which articles did you read and would like your colleagues to read as well?
  • Identifying trends; What topics is read the most within your team or company? Is the theme sustainability pushed back, due to the current pandemic? What articles are most read now, because of that. Find out in the dashboard.

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  • Management level content
  • European complexity perspective