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Supply Chain Movement Quarterly is the leading publication targeted at global supply chain community. We aim to inform you about the latest market updates, company developments, industry events, blogs and trends on supply chain worldwide. The website provides a platform where experts from around the world are able to blog and share their views on current and future issues. With more than 13,000 members, Supply Chain Movement has one of the most active supply chain groups on LinkedIn.

Delivery address

All issues will be sent to the delivery address mentioned on the subscription order. Any change of address can only be processed by returning the address label. Issues will not be resent, if the change of address did not reach us in time.
Subscription period

Subscriptions run for a period of 12 months

Back issues are sent on request, provided the issues are still in stock.
One month before a subscription ends, a renewal invoice will be sent for the next subscription period.
A cancellation of a subscription must be received in writing one month before subscription expiration.
Issues will be sent after receipt of payment. To avoid receiving issues months after they have been published, please make your payment as soon as possible.


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